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Timneh African Grey

Timneh African Grey parrots are a subspecies of African grey parrots, originating from smaller areas in Africa. They have distinctive and bold grey shades, with dark feathers covering light grey shades with a “V” shape. They have white scalloping on their head feathers, maroon, dark red, and brown on their tail feathers, and pink and black shades on their beaks and mandible. They are comparatively small-sized compared to Congo African grey parrots, with a complete length of 9 inches to 11 inches and a wingspan of 13 inches-15 inches.

Congo African grey

Congo African grey parrots are more popular than the Timneh African grey parrot due to their bright reddish tail. They originate from multiple African regions and countries, with grey feathers all over their body, whitish edging, white edging on light and silvery grey feathers, bright skin patches, primary coverts and wings dark, and "blushing" when the white patches turn pink. Other parts of their body are solid black.

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