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Blue-Fronted Amazon Parrot

Blue-fronted Amazons are natural performers, being active and comical. They enjoy being around their owners and will act silly for extra attention. When properly socialized, these parrots will enjoy the company of the entire family, though they tend to favor one person in particular. Overall, owners describe this species as social, independent, and laid-back. This bird is calmer than other Amazons and can keep themselves busy for a long time. That doesn't mean it's any less important. The Amazon with the blue front wants to be a part of the action, and it will let you know if it feels left out. They are excellent talkers and singers, and they can be very loud when they want to be.

Yellow-Headed Amazon

Because of its striking color and unrivaled mimicry ability, this medium-sized parrot with a long name is one of the most popular pet species in the Amazon parrot group. The double yellow-headed Amazon parrot can even learn to imitate opera singing, which may explain why it has long been a popular pet. These birds can be affectionate pets if they are hand-fed from a young age. They are intelligent, have exceptional "speaking" abilities, and enjoy being the center of attention. However, problems can arise when the owner is unwilling or unable to provide the parrot with the attention it requires. The Amazon with two yellow heads prefers to bond with a single family member. You can avoid this by allowing multiple family members to handle the bird on a regular basis, especially when it is young. Hand-feeding by all family members reduces the bird's proclivity to bond with a single person. This species is the best mimic of all Amazon parrots, only second to the African gray parrot in terms of learning words and phrases.

Orange-Winged Amazons

Orange-winged Amazons make loving pets who form close bonds with their owners. They have a humorous demeanor that makes them popular among bird enthusiasts worldwide. They are more gentle and have milder personalities than other Amazons. Individuals, like any other bird, can deviate from the norm. Some members of this species, like yellow-naped Amazons, can be moody. This bird is popular among many people because it is intelligent and quick to learn. These parrots are extremely social due to their instinct to form groups with other birds. While some people have a favorite person, most people get along well with their family. Amazons and young children, on the other hand, are not a good match. This bird has excellent communication skills. Many people can improve their vocabulary, and even non-speaking birds will enjoy whistling and mimicking sounds around the house. It is not the loudest bird in comparison to other parrots, but it can scream at times.

Mealy Parrot

Mealy Parrots are popular for their social abilities, which allow them to stay in pairs and large flocks. They have a length of 15-17 inches and a weight of 540g to 700g. Their head top can feature a color blend like violet, blue, and purple, and they have a green body with yellow patches on the head. Their tail feathers are lime in color, and their crown is purplish or bluish. Their beaks are yellowish in color, and they have un-feathered white rings under their eyes.

Yellow-Nape Amazon

Yellow-naped Amazon parrots are intelligent birds that make excellent pets for owners who want to develop a strong bond with their bird. They are one of the most popular Amazon parrot species due to their exceptional communication abilities. However, they are not the best birds for families with children because they are known to exhibit mild aggression as they approach adolescence. Yellow-naped Amazons are brilliant, amusing birds who enjoy being the center of attention. They have extremely close bonds with their owners.

Cuban Amazon

As the name implies, the Cuban Amazon is native to Cuba, where it is known as "Loro o Cotorra de Cuba." It is about the size of a pigeon and is one of the tiniest Amazon parrots. Its plumage is mostly green, with bright pinky-red cheeks and throat, white feathers around and above its eyes, and a dull maroon to purple-pink abdomen. Blue are its primaries, or outer flight feathers. Different species have different colored feathers, especially on their face, chin, and throat. Their bill is pale yellow or horn-colored, and they have olive-green eyes. Domestic, hand-fed babies make loving, interactive pets when raised from a young age and taught that certain behaviors are unacceptable. Amazon parrots are extremely intelligent and can be trained to mimic speech, sounds, and whistles. They can be taught tricks and, with patience, can even be "potty trained" to some extent.

Red-Lored Amazon

The Red-Lored Amazon Parrot, which is native to Mexico, Central America, and South America, is one of the most attractive parrots held as pets. This is a clever, appealing bird that immediately bonds with its owner, with many Red-Lored Amazons selecting their favorite humans to become devoted one-person birds. If you're looking for a friendly parrot who enjoys conversing and singing, a Red-Lored Amazon Parrot is a fantastic choice. There is no more endearing bird than the fascinating Red-Lored Amazon. This bird quickly chooses a favorite family member to become a one-person bird, yet it will be social with anyone in the family who treats it well. Because of their ability to sing and converse, Red-Lored Parrots are popular. Because of its gentle and sociable nature, the Red-Lored Amazon is an excellent family companion. These are loving and playful birds who enjoy showing off their imitating abilities. The Red-Lored Amazon could be the bird for you if you're seeking a pleasant and beautiful bird that can mimic human speech. The Red-Lored Amazon parrot, like other tropical parrots, is well-known for its ability to mimic human speech. This bird is so quick to act like it's talking that it almost seems to join in on your conversation!

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