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Eclectus Parrots

The eclectus is a kind, considerate, and clever species of bird that is well-known for its friendliness. Additionally loving are Eclectus parrots. Most people flourish best when social interaction is a regular component of their day. 1 They treasure the interactions they have with their family. They are very sensitive, and if they feel ignored, they can easily become stressed. This bird will become accustomed to your household's routine and expectations. They take pleasure in both being a part of it and the comings and goings. The birds start to develop sexual maturity at around 18 months of age. This can occasionally result in hostility or the urge to "feed" on adjacent objects. There might be some inappropriate nibbling going on. It is better to disregard this phase of bluffing and use diversion strategies rather than rewarding them. They eventually get through the stage and learn what's appropriate. Both males and females of the species make wonderful pets; however, many owners assert that males are typically a little more amenable and trainable. On the other hand, females typically handle stress better and may be less reliant on their owners. Additionally, females might be bossier and more violent than men, especially when mating. A female's nesting instincts are very strong, even in captivity. She may be trying to build a nest in secluded regions of your house. One of the best species for teaching to speak, along with African greys and Amazons, is the Eclectus parrot. They pick up most things you try to teach them quickly. When compared to other parrots, many people perceive them to be a bit calmer. They make loud, startling vocalizations in addition to a characteristic honk that might be humorous the first few times.

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